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Software and Technology solutions providers, in the hospitality industry, often fail to capture the attention of their Prospects and Customers.

I design relevant, and focused, communications to engage and influence your hospitality industry Clients. I bring experience, and understanding, to talk to you, your sales people and your technical staff; research deep into your solutions; and then create relevant messages to engage your Prospects and Clients.


Designing GREAT Messages


You want a copywriter who can present your technology solution to the marketplace; gaining you market share and increasing your Return on Investment… That’s me.

I know your business. I worked as an IT employee and as a consultant in education, insurance and finance, food service, distribution, retail, manufacturing, communications, information technology and software… for 40 years.

I know about sales. I joined the sales team for an IT outsourcing group, helping to land several clients.

I know your Client’s business. As a travel agent for 10 years, I talked to hotels, cruise lines, air lines and resorts.

I learned the importance of the target audience, and reinforced that with training from American Writers and Authors Inc. Including courses in copywriting basics, B2B copywriting, and web copywriting.




Some of MY work

Herb took time to understand the requirements and completed the project to our satisfaction.

Joe Lee, CGI

”I really enjoyed this mainly because of the way it is written. I found Mr. Hagell's style to be refreshingly unique as it drew me in and took me on a great ride from beginning to end. Well done, Herb! Well done!”

James G. Davis

I appreciate the information you provided on structuring the white papers and proving my points.  You certainly know what you’re talking about and I appreciate the time you have taken to write for me.

Alan M

“The first two are spot on! I like them the way they are! Your style is exactly what I like and you definitely delivered.”

Paul F



Gladys, Real Estate Agent


My Cash Dashboard


Byte Academy




Course Sample

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White Paper

A good white paper is designed to educate people with the hope to persuade: not the place for a sales pitch.  They read white papers for information, seeking unbiased content that will give them a solution to a problem. White Papers highlight the features, strategies, specifications and methodologies of your solution, and why this solution is better than the rest

Case Study

Everybody loves a good story.  And that includes all of the folks at each and every one of your Prospect’s and Customer’s companies.

For your software business, you have the opportunity to write your own stories… through your Customers’ eyes. You publish the story as a Case Study.

Video Script

Fun and upbeat videos, free of technical jargon, attract attention. B2B companies will spend more this year producing online videos to promote their products and services. At the same time, your content helps Customers and Prospects to make an informed decision.

B2B Copywriting services for Hospitality Technology Providers



Imagine how content helps your business. People like to buy from people they know.

Your content helps your Prospects know you... better than they know your competition.   

I can help you with that.

Please review these examples of my Content:


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Great provider and quick turnaround."

Julio Z


Great job. Knew the subject material well."

Keith M

Do You Want Your Content Written by Someone Who Speaks Tech


Someone Who Understands Your Customer?

Why not both?

Your messages... your content... allows you to: :

To find out how we can work together to create and execute your communications plan:

email me at,
or phone me at 416-726-4435.

I can help.

I design relevant, and focused, communications to engage and influence your Hospitality-industry Clients.

Communications is about more than throwing a few words on a page, or grabbing a smart-phone to shoot a video.

I’ll put the right words on the right page, whether that page is an article, an e-mail, a blog post, an e-book, a video, an audio podcast, white paper, or case study.

Listen to your Customers and Prospects, improve your solution, and continue to provide quality communications possibilities with your Prospects and Customers.